About Me

My name is Andreas Wenninger. I was born in Vienna, Austria in 1968 into an Austrian-Hungarian family.

After school I worked as a lithographer before starting my studies at the University in Vienna and the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna. Later I worked as a historian and as a cultural manager in different institutions before becoming a diplomat for cultural affairs and science for the Austrian government and the Austrian Academic Exchange Agency  in my new hometown in Lviv in Ukraine.

I took up photography at an early age during my studies in Vienna but stopped for a very long time because of my job.

Deeply impressed by the beauty of nature during my travels especially through Central Europe, Mediterranean Countries, Central Asia and Africa I focused more and more on nature and on macro photography. 

Since the Coronavirus pandemic happened in spring 2020 I got back to my passion and have one of my cameras almost with me. I attended courses in Photoshop and Lightroom and spend hours by hours with composing and editing. Today I live in Lviv and in Vienna.

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