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It’s an exciting moment when you can see your own photographs enlarged and printed on paper first time. Sometimes it is not easy to find the right quality of paper from the very beginning. It was a big luck and even the first prints were amazing! I was surprised and satisfied with all of them and really impressed by the shades of colours and the beauty of paper.

A bit later the first piece of a photo book of the Cold Flowers series was printed. Later I decided to print some more catalogues with help of Oleh Diachok in Lviv. For fun I printed some black masks as presents for friends and family.

In the late summer of 2020, after posting some of my photographs of the Cold Flowers album on my social media accounts I was invited to show my first exhibition in a local museum of the famous Ukrainian writer and politician Ivan Franko in Lviv – The Franko House.

It’s a small museum in Lviv, but also a house where a multifaceted artistic life flourishes. It’s also a house of science, which is the center of Franko’s studies and a house of dialogue and a place of creativity and arts. It is placed not far from the park and my apartment in Lviv where I started with my macro photography when then Corona pandemic happened in spring 2020. It’s the right place for my first exhibition of the series of Cold Flowers.

Presentation of the catalog Cold Flowers, October 6th 2021, 7 pm, Lviv Municipal Art Center, Stefanyk Street 11, Lviv, catalogs are still available there

Exhibition Cold Flowers, October 8th-30th 2021, Franko House, Ivan Franko Street 150-152, Lviv


First enlarged test prints on Alu Dibond plates for my exhibition in Kyiv